What I Eat

I understand, there would be some curiosity for others to know what I eat. So, I make this page available. I will keep adding updates here.. So, it will be sort of record of what happens over time.

August 15 2019
Have been enjoying daily some cooked food (1 small meal a day) or a meal of fruits.

August 9 2019

Have been recently on some small quantity of fruits and diluted juice daily.

July 30 2019

Have been eating a meal once in 2-3 days..

July 13 2019

For the past 10 days, was in a wonderful meditation centre in a high altitude mountain (around 5000 ft) that has a cooler climate (around 10-15 degree celcius) compared to my living place. Had regular food for the sake of companionship of people and also as a way to hold earth element with ease.. I found that in that climate and altitude, where there is dominance of water element, the impact of food on mind is very less, compared to the dry warm climate where I usually live in South India. I was able to have a sort of wonderful state of mind/ state of consciousness, inspite of eating (one of the reasons I generally avoid food is to hold a wonderful state of consciousness - feeling unity). I always enter deeper meditative states in that climate. Reducing food for sure, helped in that process better though. My body/mind becomes very different from one climate to the other. Warmth is grounding for me. High altitude and cooler regions make me very happy and very open.

May 20 2019

At the moment, I prefer to keep a day for eating, once in 2-3 days for some experiments. Usually some cooked food.

April 1 2019

As of now, on most days I have tea and something to munch (once or twice a day) with tea.. like a few biscuits, peanuts, etc.. On some days only water. Big meals are too heavy and I prefer to avoid (still do have at times - not regular). But I still have some desire to experiment, with food, observing what it does. I don't drink fruit/vegetable juices.

From 2017 March to around 2018 October, I was mostly having one meal a day. Some days I would skip. During this period, I went twice without solids for 7-8 days (I had black tea and at times carbonated drink in that period). I did many 2-3 days without solids. On some days, I had cooked food, on some days I had fruits and some days I had meat. I realised during the 7-8 days without solids, if I go on dry mode, the body recharges beautifully.. I entered dry mode (for 1-2 days) during the end of the water period. I preferred it that way. That gave me hope that body sustains beautifully without food.