Pranic Nourishment Demystified! 

There is no big mystery behind pranic nourishment. It is a simple science. It happens only when you are in some sort of expanded state of consciousness or deja vu, or in some way having ability to feel beyond your limited sense perception. It might be the ability to see, feel, hear, sense in ways normally people would not do.

All these abilities manifest to some degree or the other, only when your higher chakras come to life or in simpler terms, only when your pineal gland starts functioning better. Pineal gland is the master gland that determines how other glands are going to function and control your physical body, mental condition, etc.. It is going to determine your life!
pine, pineal, vatican
pine, pineal, popeIt is said that the pineal gland is in the shape of a pine cone. We also see that the pine cone is used symbolically in some places. The image (statue) on the left is in Vatican, in front of some museum. It is said that the pine cone shape on the staff of the pope also represents pineal. The image below of pope is a wax statue in a Berlin Museum (Madame Tussauds).

The pineal gland is located in the epithalamus, near the center of the brain, between the two hemispheres, tucked in a groove where the two halves of the thalamus join. The pineal gland is one of the neuroendocrine secretory circumventricular organs that are not part of the blood-brain-barrier. [1]

Note here, that pineal is not part of the blood brain barrier. What it means is, it is directly impacted by whatever chemicals and minerals that are in our bloodstream before those substances get filtered by our filtering/cleansing mechanism. It is said that pineal has affinity towards halides like bromide, chloride and fluoride. We are exposed to these halides through food, water and other medicines.

Pineal has the highest calcium concentration of any normal soft tissue in the body because it calcifies physiologically in the form of hydroxyapatite (HA). [2]

Your pineal is a very soft tissue and it is not meant to have any calcification around it.. It is not a bone! If you do some google research on pineal calcification, you would understand more on this. As one ages, the pineal shows up in scan like a small bony structure in the centre of the head, in some cases.

It is only when our pineal is functioning to some extent (decalcified), we are going to be sensitive to the chemicals in the food and our drinks. When we have that sensitivity, we naturally know what to avoid and what is agreeable. But, when we do not have this sensitivity, we are in a miserable state accumulating a lot of pesticides and also contributing to pineal calcification. After a water fast, I am very sensitive to chemicals. When you develop this sensitivity, you shall see how different food substances that we intake affects us in strange ways, taking us away from our Natural state! Taking a shower in chlorinated water gives a horrible feeling!

Getting back to pranic nourishment, health of pineal and the expanded state of consciousness go hand in hand. Pineal gets cleansed when you do fasting. Thats why fasting is one of the techniques that takes you towards pranic nourishment. Energetic work (meditation techniques) facilitates a proper energy flow to happen at subtle level (awakening of subtle body), which helps physical body to detox and heal. Awakening of subtle body and awakening of pineal go together. Entering expanded states of consciousness through the way of using any shamanic medicines also helps your body to undergo a deep detox. When the subtle body is awakened enough and the physical body is clean/detoxed, one holds the expanded state of awareness, or expanded states of awareness becomes the regular reality.

So, pranic nourishment is simply an outcome when your subtle body and pineal (and physical body) come to a better state of functioning and you stay in an expanded state of consciousness - beyond limited thinking 3D mind.

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