Zen Through Energy Cultivation

Zen is a state of mind, beyond duality, transcending the ever flowing thoughts. It is also staying in the now and not carried away by the thoughts of the past and future. It is staying in awareness, knowing what comes into awareness. There might be different paths to reach that state of mind. I take the path of inner work and energy cultivation at a subtle level to reach the state of zen, as the primary approach of this book.

The approach is to alter the reality at a subtle level and seeing its impact at physical and mental levels. It is the path of alchemy. Very clear ways of working at physical and subtle levels have been mentioned. It is a practice manual, that will help a student prepare the mind and body, to feel the subtle reality. With the newly developed awareness, one is guided to work properly at a subtle reality. Gaining access to the subtle reality is gaining access to some part of the blueprint. It is taking life in your hands.

By being in the zen state of mind, one experiences better health at physical and mental levels. It also increases your productivity, many fold times and makes you enjoy your life. It makes you a conscious creator of your reality. 

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Dreaming A Peaceful World Into Reality

What we dream, becomes the reality. Our dream impacts the collective consciousness, for we are part of one big field. Becoming conscious of our dream and our frequency makes us play a conscious game. Let us wake up and start impacting our frequency in a conscious way. Let this help the collective towards shifting into peace and harmony.

The entire planet is shifting with a new influx of energy. We facilitate this happening by working on ourselves and being a channel for anchoring the new here. It is time to go beyond the limitations of human, transcending the differences and express our divinity, becoming a part of greater whole.

This book is all about impacting the change in ourselves, becoming conscious of our mind, body and subtle reality, thus impacting the change in the collective consciousness. Be The Change Maker!

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