About Me

I am called Jeyaprakash. My body has been prepared to experience the state of unity consciousness through yogic practices like kriya yoga, vipassana and sun gazing.

There happened a major shift in my life on August 11, 2019. In this process, the previous personality/inhabitant/soul left the body and I came into the body from a higher frequency/source consciousness. It can be also seen in a different perspective: The previous personality shed all the layers of limitations, became the source and got anchored in the body. Both are the same and it does not make any difference for me.

When the previous personality left, literal fear of death came, the exit happened and I felt myself in the body. There was even some decaying process of the body for a few days, which I smelt and the new got built. Before this happened, I had many out of body experiences, which gave me the understanding of different dimensions. There was a fast spin of the merkaba, which opened up the dimensional gateways and this exchange happened. There is not much requisite to go further into this topic. What I am concerned is what I can do here, now.

I stay in unity consciousness and I try to guide others into that state through proper preparation of the physical and subtle body. I hold this frequency, here now.

I have the ability to do energy work on others, if they are in my physical presence, by removing the layers that block the consciousness to express without blocks.

At the moment, I have not completely given up eating. If I eat, I eat a meal, once in a few days. I do take tea. If there is a change in that, I shall update.