Pranic Nourishment, also known as Breatharianism, is a Way of Life, Without having the Need to Depend on Physical food. It is a Way to Have Freedom, Living In Tune with Everything.

Pranic Nourishment is "One of the Outcomes" of the Expansion of Awareness/Consciousness or the Increase in Your Frequency. The expansion of consciousness can happen through yogic practices, being tuned to your joy through your favourite activity, a near death experience, etc.. There might be many factors that trigger it.

How does pranic nourishment happen? As your subtle body awakens, the major energy meridians (nadis) opens up, facilitating a greater flow of prana (cosmic energy), which activates pineal. This awakened subtle body or the energy body has the capability to sustain the physical body.

To be clear, I am NOT promoting Non-Eating. I am just sharing one of the possibilities of awakened body and the way of life it offers. I share some ways through which you can awaken your subtle body.

The state of Pranic Nourishment happens naturally, if you facilitate through right ways.. You cannot force it. It might take a few years, or many years if you have not done much of work on yourself. Fasting is "one of the techniques" to prepare the body. Fasting state is different from the state of Pranic Nourishment. So, NEVER force your body without food, when it is not ready. You WILL KNOW when your mind/body is ready!

This platform is Just for facilitating One to Expand in Awareness, to Play the Game of Life with greater Joy!

I make use of this platform, to hold a specific frequency, sharing what I feel like, at the given moment. It is still under development, and will be taking its form.

Feel free to explore.

Much love, Jeyaprakash.

Update! : Entering the HEART is of Primary Importance to be able to hold a wonderful state of Pranic Nourishment. I am focussing at the moment on Sharing Energy to Help Others move into Heart. Kindly catch me here:

The content related to Pranic Nourishment would soon be getting merged with that site.

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