Pranic Nourishment is a State in which you are nourished by the prana or the cosmic energy to sustain your physical body, instead of being dependent on the solid foods or liquids/juices.

Pranic Nourishment is an "Outcome" of staying in Unity Consciousness, in which you feel the deep connection to the Earth and its Beings. This connection to the Greater Whole, just recharges you. For reaching Unity Consciousness, the physical body has to be prepared properly and the energy meridians opened up and the subtle body awakened. It takes years to prepare the body, depending on how evolved or how much influence you have on your subtle body.

Fasting is different from Pranic Nourishment. In the fasting phase, your physical body loses weight and you feel tired. But when you are nourished by the prana, you feel energised and completely stable at all levels.

Fasting is a way to prepare the physical body to cleanse it to prepare the awakening of the subtle body to enter unity consciousness. It is the way to prepare from physical level. Working at the subtle level, combined with fasting, makes the process faster.

Warning! If you force yourself into stopping eating, without properly preparing the physical and subtle body, you are taking a serious risk. You need proper guidance from someone who is established in the state or you should be tuned strong to your inner guidance to be able to make a successful shift.

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